Cryoperm Magnetic Shielding

Welcome to the Cryoperm Magnetic Shielding web site presented by The MuShield Company. Our client-focused goals are to deliver quality products on-time and on-budget. MuShield's performance remains unparalleled whether it is for new applications in the cryogenics field or other low-temperature magnetic shielding environments. We have extensive knowledge of and experience with "Magnetic Shielding" and we provide our clients with superior customer service, attention to detail and oustanding products.

MuShield's motto: Magnetic Shielding That Works!

Please explore this web site about Cryoperm shielding and when you are ready to begin design, application specifications, fabrication or manufacturing, heat treating or delivery give us a call.

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About MuShield Magnetic Shielding

For over 50 years MuShield Magnetic Shielding has been providing magnetic shielding materials, design and magnetic shielding manufacturing to leading industries around the world. More about MuShield and how we can deliver your cryo-perm shielding.

About Cryoperm Magnetic Shielding

Learn more about the general principals and history of the development of the Cryoperm 10 Magnetic Shielding materials and why its need came about.

Cryoperm 10

Cryoperm 10 Magnetic Shielding has numerous names, but they all mean one thing, a solution to your magnetic shielding requirements for low temperature and high permeability environments. MuShield's design and manufacturing facilities located in New Hampshire, USA provides complete application and delivery capabilities.

Cryoperm Specifications

Cryoperm specifications for challenging applications in low temperature and high permeability environments are part of the solution. Manufacturing with exact dimensional qualities while maintaining the highest specifications possible can be assured with the design team of MuShield.

Cryoperm Applications

Low temperature and high permeability magnetic shielding applications require the right materials. Magnetic shielding in cryogenic environments or other fields needing low temperature magnetic shields turn to MuShield's manufacturing capabilities with Cryoperm 10 Magnetic Shielding.

Cryoperm Manufacturing

Manufacturing with Cryoperm Magnetic Shielding to your exacting standards with MuShield is a closed loop process. From design, specifications, schematics, manufacturing, heat treating and delivery of the final product ready for application installation, MuShield's team working with Cryoperm 10 magnetic shield material is a home run for your team.