Cryoperm Specifications

Cryoperm magnetic shielding has the same shielding properties as most other magnetic shielding materials except the performance levels are for cold and super-cold applications. Effectiveness wanes above -20°C and though would offer some EMI protection, the material was not designed for "warmer" applications.

The chart below delivers some specific details about the alloy. Please refer to this chart and if you have any additional questions, please contact us (link below) for complete assistance.

Typical Properties of CRYOPERM 10 at 4.2/77.3K (torroids 0.1mm strip-width)
Saturation polarization at 10 A/cm (B10) T 0,9
Permeability at 4 mA/cm (µ4) static 50 Hz - 70000
Maximum permeability µmax static 50 Hz - 250000
Static coercivity HC A/cm 0,012
Flux density at 0.1 A/cm (B0.1) T 0,80
Remanence flux density T 0,55
Remanence ratio B1/B0.1 - 0,7
Density g/cm3 8,7
Electrical resistivity 20°C
77,3 K
Ω · mm2/m 0,45
Curie temperature °C 430