Manufacturing & Fabrication with Cryoperm

Cryoperm magnetic shielding materials are handled just like any magnetic shielding materials - with great care and experience.

Proper design, no waste and appropriate mechanical dimensioning for both exterior and interior fits must be considered. Fabricating and manufacturing procedures are performed after the design. Good design engineers will account for ease of construction and rapid manufacturing processes saving time and money.

If you need 1 or 1,000 parts, our Londonderry, NH facility is capable of the complete process under one roof. From heat treating the final assembly to crating or packing the parts for shipment Internationally, the MuShield Team can meet the challenge.

Call or email today. If you'd like to use a web form, one of our engineers will respond as quickly as we can. Please detail your requirements for the most accurate quote including manufacturing and delivery times when using the web form.