Cryoperm 10® Magnetic Shielding

  • Cryoperm
  • Cryoperm 10
  • Cryo-perm
  • Cryo-perm 10
cryoperm shielding

All names represent the same material, a cryogenic, high permeability magentic shielding metal.

Cryoperm is best suited for magnetic shielding applications at cryogenic temperatures. Cryoperm is most effective within -269°c to the -20°c range. Cryoperm’s magnetic shielding properties are further enhanced when properly heat treated. Cryoperm specifications may be found on the Spec Page.

Cryogenic physics and electrical engineering applications necessitated a material that delivered high permeability and EMI shielding at near absolute zero environments. Traditional magnetic shielding materials are quite effective at room temps but magnetic shielding effectiveness begins to weaken at 0°C and colder. The chart to the right represents the range of µ and temperature ranges.

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