Cryoperm 10 ® Applications & Uses

Cryoperm 10 magnetic shielding is used for magnetic shielding applications at cryogenic temperatures. Magnetic shielding in cryogenic environments is a major breakthrough in science and engineering.Though a narrow field of study, EMI shielding for critical low temperature specimens, requires exacting specifications.

Magnetic shielding in cryogenic environments is one application currently employing Cryoperm materials. Ultra low temperature applications such as micro chip development along with a host of other industries utilize Cryoperm magnetic shielding.

Review the Specification Page and make note of the most effective performance window Cryoperm 10 offers. If your applications require these parameters (-269°c to -20°c) then contact MuShield. Our experienced staff of engineers are fully prepared and knowledgeable in use and application design parameters of Cryoperm Magnetic Shielding.