About MµShield

For well over 50 years The MuShield Company Inc. has been providing MuShield magnetic shielding materials, magnetic shielding design services and magnetic shielding manufacturing to high tech industries around the world.

Custom designed applications to the most demanding specifications has been a hallmark of the MuShield engineering team. The MuShield Company Inc. with one of the industry’s leading team of engineers has helped design some of the world’s most sophisticated EMI sensitive equipment.

MuShield magnetic shielding specifications depend on usage and environments. High permeability magnetic shielding applications at cryogenic temperatures is what Cryoperm 10 materials were designed for. Proper handling and heat treatment after fabrication ensure adherence to design specifications. MuShield’s fully qualified team guarantee results.

Magnetic shielding precision fabricating is not the same as standard metal fabricating. MuShield's team of engineers and support staff have extensive OJT and formal training. When dealing with demanding cryogenic magnetic shieldingapplications, the MuShield difference insures customer satisfaction.

Post fabrication heat treatment of Cryoperm materials is done in accordance with exact specifications and procedures. MuShield’s quality control procedures mandate strict compliance.

MuShield’s manufacturing facility is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. We are just minutes from The Boston-Manchester Regional Airport so rapid delivery is possible. MuShield's facilities are capable of the complete process under one roof. Procedural strength and project material flow ensure the most rapid, dependable and reliable product you demand.

Service and Delivery. MuShield's bottom line mission statement may be said as: Magnetic Shielding That Works! Our talented staff takes ownership and pride in delivering your product to the specifications required. We've done so for over 50 years! We deliver what was ordered when you need it. Our customer service is unparalleled.

So there you have it, a brief few paragraphs describing over 50 years of magnetic shielding products and services. To learn more about The MuShield Company, please visit the main web site. We're confident we can help your project from idea to reality backed with service.